Intro to Zumba Class

by Kathleen Buckley on June 24, 2015

How exactly this came to be I’m not sure: all I know is that now I’m the instructor of the Zumba® class I’ve been wanting to attend.

The class is called Intro to Zumba . It takes place every other Monday night starting June 29th. You can check out the Diosa Dance Yoga Health Schedule online. Here is the instructor/class description:

Kathleen came to dance through Zumba® in 2009 and is now Zumba Gold® Certified to lead classes for adults 18-65. These classes are low-impact and ideal for men and women who like to dance just for the fun of it! Classes start with an extended warm-up and include basic dance steps from world rhythms and music like salsa, cumbia, belly dance, flamenco, cha cha, and whatever else we feel like. Kathleen is also a student of Paulina Ramirez in belly dance at Diosa, a haven for the awakening of feminine creative power.

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