Selling Your Solar Powered House

by Kathleen Buckley on November 16, 2015

What if I sell my home and the buyer doesn’t want solar panels? This is a common concern amongst homeowners when considering opting for rooftop solar power. Not to worry Mr & Mrs Homeowner, more often than not today’s buyers actively seek solar-ready properties. They want to get in on solar independence and take control of energy costs. A quality, warrantied solar system from a top provider can be a long-term asset and a selling point, especially here in New England with our high energy costs.

The real question is, “Why wouldn’t the buyer want it?”

If given the choice between paying more for dirty power, or less for clean energy, what would you choose?

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At STAR Realty™, we specialize in helping sellers get the most for their solar power homes. We share facts and help buyers understand the advantages of solar energy. For more info about selling or buying a solar-powered home, contact us at 508-259-9411.

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